WWPS Screens are custom made to fit your machine. Just let us know a few things and we can make one for you. Most of the measurements are taken as if laying your screen on a flat surface and being viewed from the side (refer to the images below for the measurements needed).

AStraight Width — The width of screen measured straight across.
BCurve Width — The width as measured with your tape following the curve of the screen.
CThickness/Gauge — How thick is the metal used on your screen or what gauge steel is it?
DCurve Height — The distance measured from the bottom-most point (or the flat surface your screen is on) to the highest point inside the curve of the screen.
EScreen Length — The length of your screen as seen from the top.
FSupport Width — The width of the support structures if your grate has them.
Flat/Straight End — Does your screen have a flat or straight part on the end or is the curve continuous from tip to tip?
Hole Shape — Are screen holes round, rectangle, square, ect.?
Hole Size — What are the dimensions of the shape? Length and width for square, diamond or rectangle, or diameter for round or hex.
We Thickness — The thickness of metal between the holes.